Having a Root Canal is expensive… or is it?

Involving an endodontist in root canal treatment can w save patients time and money.  Endodontists have the expertise to do everything from the most common to the most complex root canals, diminishing the need for perform another root canal.  While some complex treatments certainly require more than one visit, most root canals can be completed by an endodontists in a single appointment.  Root canals performed by endodontists provide patients with a solid foundation for crowns and other restorative work, reducing the likelihood of future complications and costs.  By saving the natural teeth through root canal treatment, the endodontist saves patients the expense associated with losing teeth, which causes multiple problems over the long term and costs much more.  (e.g. shifting teeth, follow-up visits to place and maintain prosthetics, etc.).  A comparison of endodontic treatments performed by general dentists or by endodontists showed that endodontic treatment was significantly more successful with performed by a specialists based on a comparison of survival of teeth following root canal treatment.  [Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 2004 Jul;98(1):115-8; Alabama study}

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