What the heck is an endodontist??? by Dr. Ron Hill

The health care industry can be confusing for patients. A dizzying array of general practitioners and specialists, and it can be difficult to determine who does what and why, much the less when to go see them. Dentistry has always been a little easier to navigate. Most people have heard of an orthodontist or an oral surgeon, but what the heck is an endodontist and why do I need to see them? Why can’t my general dentist do this procedure? As a general rule, general dentists (and physicians) are well trained in many different areas, that’s why they are called GP’s. Some cases fall beyond the comfort zone or abilities of the general dentist, thus the need for a specialist arises. Specialists in dentistry (and medicine too) go through at least 2 years additional training specific to one area. Root canals treatment is complex. there are many textbooks written just about that subject, and no way to teach students everything they need to know in a single semester. A general dentist in a busy practice may do 3-5 root canal procedures a week. An endodontist will do more than that in one day! Our expertise, training and equipment is superior to all general dentists in regards to root canal treatment. A good general dentist knows when to refer, and many stop doing root canals after starting in private practice due to the difficulty and time it takes. We do it better and faster and research has proven again and again that treatment outcomes done by specialists are far better. What better reason is there to see a specialist than that ? You never need a referral to see an endodontist. You can always seek out a specialist.Go to the American Dental Association website (ADA.org) for more information on the different dental specialties, or you can go to AAE.org for information on endodontic specialists.

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